Utrecht with snow

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A few weeks ago, we had the first snow of the year in Utrecht, NL! We, Dutchies, aren’t really happy with the snow, because nobody knows how to drive with snow, nobody can ride its bike anymore and the worst of all, the trains aren’t working anymore.

Anyway. Do you know were the snow is good for? Photography! Especially in the evening!
Below are some photo’s I took during this enormous snowstorm, maybe even a blizzard! Hope you like it.

I you have any questions about those photos, please don’t hesitate to ask me. If you want these photos on your wall, send me a message!

5 minutes from home

A blog about photography

Sometimes, all you need is a 5 minute walk from your home to find a unique place to photograph. For me, a few weeks ago I did just that. Right before work, I took my camera out, and shot a beautiful scene.

Now, I live in Utrecht, The Netherlands, in one of poorest neighborhoods of Utrecht and for everyone who know the Netherlands, it's flat. The speed bumps are the highest hills you'll find in Utrecht.. 

When I go to work, I always ride my bike past this beautiful and peaceful lake and one morning I took my camera with me and shot this beautiful shot.  

But this is just 5 minutes inside the city. What if, if you're going for a 5 minute bike ride to the outside of the city. 

When you do that in Utrecht, you'll find yourself in between some cows and a lot of land and trees. With just a 5 minute bike ride you'll find yourself outside of the city, some fresh air and it will be quiet with just the sound of the birds and the cows. 

You'll be absolutely in ease when doing this. But the best thing is, you'll find new photo spots, new locations, new compositions and new a perspective. 

What I'm trying to say is, that you don't have to travel half the world to photograph a beautiful sunset. Sometimes, sometimes, you just have to go on a 5 minute walk..

Iceland; the weather is crazy (part 1)

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The last two weeks I was in Iceland for the first time. The thing I'll remember the most, besides the most incredible views, is that the weather changes with the minute. 

On this trip we had a bit of bad luck weather wise. We had blank, boring, grey skies 80% of the time. No sunshine, it rained constantly. Photography wise, this sucks. You have no light, no depth, no colours, the image is just flat. For as far as I know, you have two options:
- Take no photos
- Shoot black and white

I opted for option two, shooting black and white images.

Black and white images
When shooting with boring, blank, grey skies you often don't have any colour in the scene, you have no option to shoot a long exposure (there isn't any movement in the sky). The best go to move is to shoot black and white.
With the image on the right, I had absolutely no interest in the sky, but I had some cool mist coming in from the ocean and some cool sand dunes with a big rock in the middle. When I was searching for a composition, these couple walked right in to the scene and it started to hail hard (these hail storms are pretty painful).

But what happened, when you have a interesting sky, but there is still no colour in the sky or you are shooting in the middle of the day? Shoot black and white! The light during the middle of the night isn't the best light. It is harsh light what makes your image flat. But what that middle day light can do, is give the image more contrast like in the image on the left. The light is hitting the mountains in the back, which gives the mountains a lot of interest. 

So, when you're out and the only thing you have is boring, blank, grey skies, go for a black and white image!