Iceland; the weather is crazy (part 1)

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The last two weeks I was in Iceland for the first time. The thing I'll remember the most, besides the most incredible views, is that the weather changes with the minute. 

On this trip we had a bit of bad luck weather wise. We had blank, boring, grey skies 80% of the time. No sunshine, it rained constantly. Photography wise, this sucks. You have no light, no depth, no colours, the image is just flat. For as far as I know, you have two options:
- Take no photos
- Shoot black and white

I opted for option two, shooting black and white images.

Black and white images
When shooting with boring, blank, grey skies you often don't have any colour in the scene, you have no option to shoot a long exposure (there isn't any movement in the sky). The best go to move is to shoot black and white.
With the image on the right, I had absolutely no interest in the sky, but I had some cool mist coming in from the ocean and some cool sand dunes with a big rock in the middle. When I was searching for a composition, these couple walked right in to the scene and it started to hail hard (these hail storms are pretty painful).

But what happened, when you have a interesting sky, but there is still no colour in the sky or you are shooting in the middle of the day? Shoot black and white! The light during the middle of the night isn't the best light. It is harsh light what makes your image flat. But what that middle day light can do, is give the image more contrast like in the image on the left. The light is hitting the mountains in the back, which gives the mountains a lot of interest. 

So, when you're out and the only thing you have is boring, blank, grey skies, go for a black and white image! 



Washington D.C.

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How to prepare for the best city trip you’re going to have in 2018, while being in the one of the most power full cities in the world.

When you’re going on a city trip or just passing through, if you want visit it all in Washington D.C. a good preparation is essential! But how do you do prepare for such big city?! The first thing you need to know is “what do I want to see”.

I can hear you think: “Oh man, it’s just a city trip, relax. I know everything” Just going downtown isn’t cutting it this time!

Some facts about Washington D.C.

-          Washington D.C. is 109 miles­­2 / 177km­­­­2

-          Washington D.C. is in the District of Colombia

-          Washington D.C. is the capital of the USA

-          The city is named after the 1st president of the USA; George Washington

-          The Smithsonian have 19 free museums

-          In those 19 museums, only 1% of all these items is in display.

-          The National Mall is 2 mile/3km long

Taking photographs in Washington D.C.

Viewing all this beauty in Washington D.C. is of course why you initially go here, but of course you want to be able to show it at home! How do you make sure you take a good look at it? And do you also want these photos to be slightly distinctive from the vacation photos that everyone makes?

First of all, use Google maps to plan your day. When using google maps, you can see where all the monuments and memorials are. Don’t forget to use Google street view! This way you can figure out your composition.

Time of day
Okay, so you’re walking around in Washington D.C. and you want those slightly distinctive (or massive) different photographs from everybody else. The biggest difference between those awesome photographs you see hanging in the Smithsonian and your vacation photos, is that those photos are taken during sunrise and sunset. That way you get some awesome colours in the sky like orange, yellow and pink! This way, you get massive different photos than everybody else!


The second most important thing to get awesome photos is: composition! When your composition isn’t appealing, the photo isn’t interesting enough to keep someone attention. And you need that attention! Try to go for some reflection in the water of the WWII memorial or go for a unique angle. But the easiest thing is, is to find something for your foreground. Something that will lead your eyes through the frame.

When you combine a strong composition, with some awesome colours in the sky, you’ll get some unique photos!

Some final tips

-          Get up early. This way you have the place for yourself, with the best light and you can truly enjoy the memorials.

-          Use public transport. You have three options: Cab, Uber, Public transport. Public transport is way cheaper that the other two options and take just 5 minutes more.

-          Get a SmartTrip card for all your travels within Washington D.C.

For more photos and send me a message if you have any questions left.


Going from 2017 to 2018

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My first print that I sold! 

2017. What a year. My photography took some serious steps in the right direction. Got my own website, I currently having a exposition at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Zwijndrecht (Netherlands), sold some prints, got some big time jobs like photographing the CEO! In Total I took 5419 photos this year. 

My following on Instagram grew from just 100 followers to over 800! Big thank you for everyone who is following me! 

We started the year with a short trip to Winterberg in Germany. The weekend was cold, a lot of snow, absolutely no interesting skies. On our second to last day there, we went for a walk through the woods and the mist rolled in. This started to get interesting, right!? 

After some photos, I saw this  picture perfect moment happening before my eyes. Some beautiful tall trees, a path right in the middle, some colour in the trees and on the path. Click! 
But, then this happening right when I was packing my camera. Someone walked past us, said hi and disappeared in the mist. I didn't know quickly I had to get my camera out of my backpack, but it worked out in the end! First photo of the year and the first print I have sold! Awesome of the year!  

In September we had another first! For the first time we had a photo (on the left) which surpassed the 2500 likes bar! My phone went crazy! 

This photo was taken during sunrise at Mesa Arch in Canyonland National Park. 

It was a bit of challenge to get here. Not because of the trail to get to this spot. That's just a 20 minute walk. The challenging part was to get there in time. To be able to have a spot to photograph you need to be there at least 60 minutes before sunrise. So, the sunrise was at 07:08AM. We arrived there at Mesa Arch at 05:45AM. To get there at 05:45AM, we got in our car by 04:45AM because it is an our drive out of Moab! 

Yes, it's early, but it's al worth it! When you're there, just do it! 

I have used Instagram a lot this year. I tried to post every workday a new photo ( Instagram has a new function that will show you your best liked images on Instagram. 

As you can see you all have liked my photos for a wopping 14035 times! THANK YOU!