The story


Hi, my name is Matthijs Bettman. I'm a passionate landscape and cityscape photographer who loves to travel.

How it started
When I was just 10 years old, I got a camera from my parents. First it were those old kodak film camera's with a 24 or 36 filmrol in it. After that it was Fuij camera. My first digital camera at the age of 13! I took that camera everywhere, on vacation, school, just to the streets. I used it for everything. I think that's the first time I fell in love with photography, but after 2 years it broke down. 

After years of not being able to photograph, I was accepted to start the major "Forensic Science". During one of the first practical classes I got my hands on a Nikon camera and not long after that I bought my own camera. During those classes I took every assignment in which photography was involved and learned a lot about photography. 

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

During that time I was figuring out what I liked most. Was it nature? Portraits? Sports? Landscapes? Or was it cityscapes?
I started with photographing my home town of Utrecht, my sports club (basketball), my family, and in the woods behind my house. After some time, I realized landscapes and cityscapes were the two subject that I was most interested in. 

Now, a few years later, I have traveled a lot and I have seen a lot of beautiful places. But there is still a lot to see and to photograph. 

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