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Washington D.C.

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How to prepare for the best city trip you’re going to have in 2018, while being in the one of the most power full cities in the world.

When you’re going on a city trip or just passing through, if you want visit it all in Washington D.C. a good preparation is essential! But how do you do prepare for such big city?! The first thing you need to know is “what do I want to see”.

I can hear you think: “Oh man, it’s just a city trip, relax. I know everything” Just going downtown isn’t cutting it this time!

Some facts about Washington D.C.

-          Washington D.C. is 109 miles­­2 / 177km­­­­2

-          Washington D.C. is in the District of Colombia

-          Washington D.C. is the capital of the USA

-          The city is named after the 1st president of the USA; George Washington

-          The Smithsonian have 19 free museums

-          In those 19 museums, only 1% of all these items is in display.

-          The National Mall is 2 mile/3km long

Taking photographs in Washington D.C.

Viewing all this beauty in Washington D.C. is of course why you initially go here, but of course you want to be able to show it at home! How do you make sure you take a good look at it? And do you also want these photos to be slightly distinctive from the vacation photos that everyone makes?

First of all, use Google maps to plan your day. When using google maps, you can see where all the monuments and memorials are. Don’t forget to use Google street view! This way you can figure out your composition.

Time of day
Okay, so you’re walking around in Washington D.C. and you want those slightly distinctive (or massive) different photographs from everybody else. The biggest difference between those awesome photographs you see hanging in the Smithsonian and your vacation photos, is that those photos are taken during sunrise and sunset. That way you get some awesome colours in the sky like orange, yellow and pink! This way, you get massive different photos than everybody else!


The second most important thing to get awesome photos is: composition! When your composition isn’t appealing, the photo isn’t interesting enough to keep someone attention. And you need that attention! Try to go for some reflection in the water of the WWII memorial or go for a unique angle. But the easiest thing is, is to find something for your foreground. Something that will lead your eyes through the frame.

When you combine a strong composition, with some awesome colours in the sky, you’ll get some unique photos!

Some final tips

-          Get up early. This way you have the place for yourself, with the best light and you can truly enjoy the memorials.

-          Use public transport. You have three options: Cab, Uber, Public transport. Public transport is way cheaper that the other two options and take just 5 minutes more.

-          Get a SmartTrip card for all your travels within Washington D.C.

For more photos and send me a message if you have any questions left.


Matthijs Bettman